Herschel OT KP "TNOs are Cool: A Survey of the Transneptunian Region"

Database description

TNO thermal properties database

This site lists TNO thermal properties as derived mostly from Spitzer and Herschel observations. Individual observations
(Date, Conditions, Instrument, Wavelength, Flux...) are listed in "Published Observations".

Radiometric results
(diameter, albedo, beaming parameter) are listed in "Published results".

"Orbital and physical properties" (in progress) gives additional
context information.

The three tables can be browsed on this web site. All parameters will be searchable and visualized on-line through the VESPA interface, based on the Europlanet Virtual Observatory infrastructure.

We expect that use of the content of this database will be acknowledged by citation of this database (tnosarecool) and of the relevant papers.

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